Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Last batch of pictures

 Don't see many street vendors selling tea in Denver.
 This is the pedestrian mall near our hotel - everything from small shops on alleyways off the main drag, to upscale shops on the main drag.  Street musicians and buskers - I think I saw one of them in Boulder.  Pick a food, any food - it's available.
 And, a trolley runs down the middle of it.  Sometimes (usually) faster to walk - the trolley can't get through the crowds.
 The views across the water are  pretty neat.  Mosques everywhere you look.
 The big blue mosque (blue tiles inside).
 Graffiti inside the mosque, carved by a Viking 600years ago.
 The prettiest of the mosques - Suleiyman the Magnificent had it built a long time ago.  Not as big as Hagia Sophia or Blue mosque, but prettier.  Interesting to have the  chandelier down very low within the gigantic open space.
 Lots of domes.
The pattern on the carpet helps the worshippers line up for prayers.

Taksim Park, where the antigovernment demonstrations were centered a few months ago.  Lots of families, trees, kids (and, as everywhere, free range cats and dogs), and playgrounds.  And, a tea vendor.  Not a whiff of teargas.

Home soon, this blog is done.

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